Details of the online Healing & Holistic life style Course

Every Sunday 5 Hours Sessions

Every Sunday* there will be an interactive webinar for 5 hours (07:00 p.m. IST to 12 Midnight IST- timings are planned in a manner so that all people around the globe can join this class from their respective time zone on Sunday). In this online webinar, students would be taught how to receive self-healing all the elements of holistic lifestyle would be trained .All doubts , queries, of all partisans relating to healing received during the week shall be taken up at the Sunday class.

**Sunday class may be closed on any Sunday due to any festivals, strike, lockdown, government order or any event which causes hindrance in conducting class on that Sunday.

Every Night 8 Hours Healing Online

Tailor made healing videos will be shared with each participant depending on the category they are in. The videos will be required to be played online full night.

Every Day 1 Hours Medidation

The daily session kicks off with one hour of non-interactive group meditations for significant healing from 8:30 PM IST on Zoom. The mediation training would be conducted via Zoom, with taped sessions being played to ensure the candidates perform meditation in a synced harmony.

Healing Throgh Food

The initial training classes begin with the introduction and briefing of healthy food to consume in our daily life for healthy living. Furthermore, nutrition awareness is given to the students as to different kinds of toxic and harmful eatables to avoid for bones and also for various natural foods for better healing, healthy and strengthening of Bones will be explained.

Healing Through Meditation

Meditation is a powerful action to strengthen your thoughts and actions, we captivate the intriguing sensation of meditation to solidify your existing ailment. The level begins with the fundamental principles along with how meditation can outperform your pain and in specific affliction about bones at the latter end of the process.

Healing Through Affirmation

During the course, various powerful affirmations will be taught covering the ground psychological concepts such as mental blockages, negative emotions impacting your daily life. The given Affirmations will shield your subconscious thought and provide healing strength to relieve your contagions and improve better bone recovery.

Healing Through Subliminal

Subliminal healing will commence with reversing your established cognitive beliefs. The process of healing will be explained and highlighted how the negative feeling and negative words of others will impact your thought process and overall negative decline in your quality health. Subliminals will be taught and will also be used for healing during online 8-hour night healing sessions

Healing Through Sound Therapy

A list of video links will be shared by the expert about boosting the healing and calming your rushed brain and filling it with contentment. Sound Therapy if done well can decode the vast channel of energy in a positive way for your betterment.

Healing Through Karma

The Law of Karma has an exasperating impact on individuals depending on their deeds. A basic introduction about the concept of karma and the intense results, with a few pedagogic strategies to reduce the severity of karma and its vicious cycle.

Healing Aura Body & Chakras

The diverse depth of Aura and Chakras will be demonstrated with the introduction and effective ways to net them to gain better healing. Our expert will entice vivid concepts of etheric cleanliness, energy vampires in healing your chakras quicker, and mild ways to cleanse your aura for an impactful experience.

Healing Through Exercise

Considering the given inability to cope with healing a few simple exercises is added in your worksheets such as easy breathing exercise, yoga postures and asanas basic practices and short exercises are taught for the students which should be practices throughout life to keep fit.

Healing Through Law of Attraction

The powerful sources and theories claim you attract what you consume and think frequently. Our expert will teach the vastness of the law of attraction to strengthen the bone density in your body.

Healing Through Dosh Nivaran

Dosh’s are the detrimental spells either we are born inheriting it from our ancestor or the astrological setup combination of certain planets. It is Vastu dosh, Nazar would be systematically taught to our students by our expert.

Healing Through Switch Words

Different words which can transfer and alter your energy from one dimension to another can intensify the firmness of gaining better healing. Our expert simplify various switch-word solutions to provide you with effective healing for bones.

Bonus post completion of the course

Lifetime Access to Healing Sessions
All the healing session videos links which are provided during the sessions will be given lifetime access at the end of the course. This healing videos are very powerful as it contains blessings, secret sacred boosters which gives miraculous healing results which participants can use as and when required through their life.   Regular listening to these videos will make the bones super strong and 99.99 % immune to any bone disease as long as one listens to the aforesaid videos. Students failing to complete the 12-month course will not be entitled to have the life time access to the private special healing videos i.e. those healing videos would be restricted.

 Downloading or secretly recording the sent videos can have a grievous impact with side effects and will carry no special healing if shared.

 Prayer and mantra therapy

The healing course on any given ground does not manipulate any religious or ritual practice of people.

The Optional Bonus session is not intended to preach or advocate any religion, but merely to offer insight into Vedic / ancient rites that promotes healing. Our goal is not religious proselytizing, but rather the usage of specific elements provided in it exclusively for rejuvenation.

Mantras in healing

 Power of prayers

To start with the mantras the basic knowledge and the prayer’s existence, powers shall be explained. Further, as the course continues our expert will introduce unique concepts such as Angels and different Deity’s would be taught. As per your request during the course, a group prayer session can be organized.


Short stories is laid for the students to understand Mannats’ and how to incorporate it practically and efficiently is highly taught.

Mantra Therapy

The vastness and depth of Mantra therapy are shared with the insights and the origin is explained in detail. A list of pre-recorded video links will be circulated about understanding how mantras can instill the healing effect by chanting them as per how they are prescribed.

Fasting rituals

In a descriptive style, the fasting ritual is shared with the students, moderately the vital steps to follow in order the maximize the results. The latter end of the fasting ritual is instilled with concepts such as negative and good karma along with quality nutrition which is prescribed to be consumed during the course.

Free Healing

For 2 Months

Get the free healing course for 1 or 2 months (after one-month free healing another one-month free healing may be provided on request) are being provided. Anyone interested please send email on along with details of your ailment (Osteoporosis, Back Pain Healing, Strengthening of bones for senior citizen, Healthy Bones for Mid-Aged Women).