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Overpower your limitations with the righteous healing

Spiritual Healing is the cure for all the health aches

360 Degree Holistic Healing and Living accentuates the transfer of healings through subliminal and affirmations while providing the basics of multiple therapies for a better understanding of healing and a holistic lifestyle to make the healing effects strong and permanent. The enticed healing incorporates Pranic healing, Angel Therapy, Access Conscious Bar Therapy, Hypnotherapy, water therapy, Vastu, Law of Attraction, Quantum Jumping, hypnosis, and via subliminal messages and 360-degree holistic lifestyle instructions taught through online mediums.

Our Paid Courses

Rs 10,000/- per month plus GST for 12 months. The monthly fees is to be paid at the end of each month. After the 1st month if student is not satisfied then he/ she may leave without paying the monthly fess. Students may discontinue at any time and that monthly fee during discontinuation is not payable.

For first 100 students

For first 100 students

For first 100 students

For first 100 students

For first 100 students

Benifits of 360 Holistic Healing

Suitable for everyone

Lose Weight

Reduces stress

Raise your energy

Train the mind

Balance hormones

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Free Healing

For 2 Months

Get the free healing course for 1 or 2 months (after one-month free healing another one-month free healing may be provided on request) are being provided. Anyone interested please send email on info@360holistichealing.com along with details of your ailment (Osteoporosis, Back Pain Healing, Strengthening of bones for senior citizen, Healthy Bones for Mid-Aged Women).