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360 Holistic Healing

Our Founder / ultimate expert of 360 Holistic & healing Dr. Ranabir Sanyal has realized the ultimate potential of incorporating a healthier lifestyle to successfully captivate the true essence of spiritual healing. The inception of this healing course is to heal the individuals with different healing therapies and taught in brief and in specific as to how individuals can acquire the healing for bone diseases and receive better results in terms of improvement.

Through the online medium, 360 Holistic and healing practices a combination of spiritual healing, natural healing, the Law of Attraction, and the power of the subconscious mind in a self-healing training approach for each of its patrons and deliver results with a solid reputation across different countries on the globe.

Founder’s overview

The pioneer and founder of 360 Holistic Healing and Living Dr. CS Ranabir Sanyal have acquired a superior educational background with specialization in B. Com, CS, LLB, has served in organizations such as FBL, DHFL, Reliance, and is currently the Group CS and Chief Compliance Officer of a prominent hotel group. A five-time elected Chairman of the ICSI Navi Mumbai Chapter, Dr. Ranabir has also received an Honorary Ph.D. degree.

He is a  Pranic healing practitoner & Arhatic Yogi, Angel Therapist, Access Conscious Bar Therapist, Hypnotherapist, subliminal therapist, water therapist, mantra therapist, and Founder of “360 Degree Holistic Healing and Living

Mrs Anindita Sanyal

Mrs Anindita Sanyal has done MA Psychology. She is a pranic healing practitioner and mantra therapist. She was diagnosed with osteoporosis and had volunteered herself as the first subject to 360 Degree Holistic Healing & Living. All the healing and lifestyles methods which were invented / researched by Dr. Ranabir Sanyal were first tested and observed on her . Even now she is a volunteer and offers herself as subject to test all innovations in healing and lifestyle on herself so that the society can get the best healing and life style methods for healthy bones. She is a Director, healer & trainer in 360 Degree Holistic Healing & Living Pvt Ltd.

Mrs. Neethu R Halder

She has done M Com . She is a Yoga & reiki practitioner. She is a Director, healer & observer in 360 Degree Holistic Healing & Living Pvt Ltd

Benifits of 360 Holistic Healing

Suitable for everyone

Lose Weight

Reduces stress

Raise your energy

Train the mind

Balance hormones

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